Baggaley contact jailed

'BECAUSE I'm dumb' footballer Beauttlar Filimoehala told Lismore District Court when asked why he got involved in the Baggaley brothers'- disgraced Olympian Nathan and younger brother Dru's - amphetamine drug enterprise at Byron Bay.

Filimoehala was sentenced yesterday to spend at least two years and three months in jail for his role after pleading guilty to the supply of 509 ecstasy pills (MDMA weighing 106.9g) at Byron Bay on November 16, 2007 after buying them from Dru Baggaley 'just to help a mate out'.

Evidence before Judge James Black revealed that, on the day after his arrest, Filimoehala contacted Dru Baggaley to say he had been arrested. He then contacted Nathan Baggaley to try and arrange for the supply of more MDMA pills.

Filimoehala denied this allegation yesterday when in the witness box, but the Crown prosecutor maintained it showed the offence had not been an isolated one.

On the day of the drug deal, Nathan Baggaley met Filimoehala at the Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay to supply the MDMA pills and Filimoehala handed over cash wrapped in a towel. Later, at Nathan's home he was handed back the same towel only this time it held the 509 MDMA pills that police found with him later that night.

Filimoehala told the court he met Drew through rugby union, playing with the Ballina Seahorses, and his brother.

"They were like brothers to me. I met the whole family, mum and dad and would go out with them socially a lot," he said.

Filimoehala said he would have conversations with Dru at the rugby games about getting ecstasy and although he did not take drugs 'I had a splif here and there'.

Filimoehala refused to name a 'mate' who he said he was getting the ecstasy pills for.

"The friend is entirely fictitious," the Crown prosecutor asserted.

"Like Peter Pan? No," Filimoehala said.

Filimoehala said he had also met an associate of the Baggaley's who he would also not name in court because he was frightened for his mother and family. He alleged the man worked for the police and had a higher role in the enterprise than the Baggaley brothers as 'the main man'.

Judge Black said Filimoehala was an essential link in the enterprise. Judge Black sentenced him to three years with a non-parole of two years and three months, to begin on January 25, 2010.

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