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Drunk, violent and abusive husband

AS requested by Sally Hasil this is the unedited version of her response to a letter published in The Nothern Star on October 1, 2008, by Anna Bzdusek, Dr Roman Hasil’s sister:

I REFER to your references to myself and my husband, Dr Roman Hasil, in the Northern Star edition published October 11, 2008.

First, the allegations of my manifold shortcomings as a wife and mother expressed by Roman Hasil’s sister Anna Bzdusek Hasil can be dismissed for what they are – the angry and troubled outpourings of a close member of a small family whose only knowledge of her brother’s predicament in far away Australia comes from whatever lies and half truths he cares to feed to her from half a world away.

As untrue and of course hurtful as these lies and their repetition in your newspaper are, presuming they truly come personally and without third party prompting or ‘assistance’, and from Anna Bzdusek Hasil herself and her son’s translation, they are at least understandable, though not in the least believable or acceptable by the many people who know myself and the real person that is Roman Hasil.

The records of hospitals, doctors, courts in several states, and even more police stations, have just a few of the details of the thousands of wrongs committed against his wife and his own two children by this serial liar and violent offender who has lived more or less on the run from threatened retribution in one form or another since he was a teenager.

It is a matter of public record that Dr Hasil was dismissed as a newly graduated doctor for unacceptable behaviour (on the job drinking) by his very first hospital, in his native Bratislava, Slovakia.

Retribution is once again pinning him down, now under court ordered supervision in Sydney as he emerges from penalty in New South Wales police courts in just the past few months where he has received convictions and penalties for a wide variety of misdeeds of which repeat drunken driving, stealing, and fraud are just a small sample.

Apart from criminal matters, he is also facing action for debt recovery from banks and other credit providers.

While the defamatory, spiteful and vindictive remarks expressed towards me by a woman who signs herself as ‘loving sister’ (this of course in my case means sister-in-law) can be explained if not excused, the same cannot be said of the editorial comment in the Northern Star of the same date signed by Sue Short, editor, under the banner "Star View".

If her remarks are typical of the content of The Northern Star, then this organisation would most certainly benefit from a moral and ethical audit.

Rather than give Ms Short and her colleagues any less than the full benefit of the doubt, I simply ask that the facts I now present in setting the Star’s record straight, be published with equal prominence to the remarks I complain of.

I detail just a few of these references, with my reply:

First from Anna’s letter: ‘He is a father who loves his sons and he was a husband who made a very easy life for his wife...’

This husband was in fact a violent, womanising drunk who would disappear from the family home, leaving wife and sons without a word, to spend up to a month or two often with other woman, drinking his way from flophouse to park bench in a number of places including Lismore.

On one of his disappearances when it was feared he may have come to serious harm in Lismore it turned out he was ‘saved’ by a girlfriend who for some weeks afterwards helpfully rang me to tell me he was in her intimate care.

In the end she dumped him, and for the sake of the children I let him back under my roof.

He protested that his sojourn with his lady friend had been nothing more than ‘just sex – why all the fuss?’

He again decamped, this time making it to New Zealand and an ‘adventure’ that now sees him the centre of major government inquiry for medical malpractice and a class action by a dozen or so of his former obstetric patients at Wanganui Hospital.

For years, he was hounded by debt collectors (that meant his wife was, too). And at the time of his most recent disappearance (for good, this time) left his wife and children with a $400,000 plus mortgage, maxed-out credit cards owing tens of thousands, spiraling interest on these, no money and owning only the clothes on their backs and perhaps the kitchen pots and pans.

His wife and her sons were rescued by good fortune and the loving help of good Lismore friends and her own wider family.

All this happened a few minutes walk from the editorial offices of The Northern Star, which incidentally, ran its first expose of this nasty Lismore doctor way back in February this year in a report which started boldly and accurately with the fact Dr Hasil had spent a week in jail in Singapore on his way to Australia and Lismore – and that time was served for threatening his second wife with a knife! Second wife! I now know I am the third wife!

As for caring like a loving father for the precious sons he has had with me, the pages of type devoted in The Northern Star alone, leaving aside the page after page in national newspapers and on national TV in Australia, New Zealand and Europe – do these look like a serving with love to two little boys who have to bear his name – go to school in Lismore, by the way – and have to – like it or not – bear the odium of such a man all their lives?

Spare us, dear Anna! And what about the violence?

Roman Hasil was fond of big knives and showing them in far less than loving situations, not only to his present wife but the wives who went before.

He assaulted his present wife several times, on one occasion breaking four ribs.

Some responsible sections of the media have deemed it important to show photographic evidence of these assaults, all of which resulted in police intervention.

Very recently, police in Tasmania have been in contact seeking fresh information about Dr Hasil whom they already have interviewed at great length in connection with a particularly brutal beach murder in Tasmania.

There are literally dozens and dozens of other examples of this man’s abuse of his family and friends. These will be presented appropriately as required.

Roman Hasil is not homeless. He chose to leave the matrimonial home, deeply in difficulty because of him. Absconding is a word that comes to mind.

But this resourceful ‘adventurer’ found not one new home, but a succession, all of his own choosing if not quite up to his demonstrated earlier tastes.

Roman Hasil is far from on the street, and has been in one kind or another of quite comfortable living arrangements ever since leaving Lismore.

As for Roman Hasil not being able to show his face. He has been repeatedly interviewed on national TV in Australia and New Zealand in very recent days.

His side of his story has been requested of him, and given by him face to face with journalists and others.

The photograph of this person unable to show his face has been used big and bold in The Northern Star.

See the second part of Sally Hasil’s letter, and an interview with Dr Roman Hasil, in The Northern Star tomorrow.

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