Drunk demands cash at Kyogle

A CALTEX Kyogle service station operator was in fear of being shot after he was confronted by Troy Garnett Williams, who said he wanted money from the ATM.

He also threatened to come back the next night, saying ‘you'll have two barrels in your face'.

Williams, 32, pleaded guilty in Kyogle Local Court yesterday to stalking/intimidating the man at 11.45pm on February 7. A charge of affray was withdrawn by police.

Police facts stated the operator was at a bowser when Williams emerged from nearby bushes and asked him what security procedures were in place for a hold-up.

“Just give them what they want,” the operator said.

Williams then said: “What if someone like me who's hard up for money would come in with a shotgun and put it up to your head and shoot you between the eyes. I'd blow your (expletive) head off 'cause I'm hard up for cash.”

The victim told police Williams then put his hands up as if holding a rifle, directing the action at the man's head and motioning up and down as if a gun was being fired.

The man told Williams he would only get money from the tills as the safe was virtually bomb-proof.

“I don't want the money out of the tills or safe. I want the ATM,” Williams is alleged to have said.

“Oh, well, if you can't give me the money out of the ATM I'd shoot you and if you had anyone with you I'd (expletive) shoot them too.”

When told there were security cameras, Williams replied: “I don't care. I'd go into the office and(expletive) shoot the box so you had no cameras. I'd shoot you 'cause you've got the button to the money out of the ATM.

“I don't care if you have family or not. If you don't give me the three grand I'd shoot you 'cause I need the money.” Williams fled the service station when the local security officer drove in.

The worried operator called police and CCTV footage was then looked at, with the offender identified later from a photographic line-up at Kyogle police station.

Defence lawyer Neal Funnell said his client grew up in Woodenbong and was now a subcontractor to National Parks.

He said the offence was out of character and it had been ‘the rantings of a drunken man'.

“My instructions are he wasintoxicated and had no intention of carrying it (the threat) through,” Mr Funnell said.

Magistrate Michael Dakin said the victim would have been terrified. He convicted Williams and placed him on a two-year good behaviour bond to be supervised by Probation Services.

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