Schalk Steven Herbst
Schalk Steven Herbst Contributed

Drug dealer goes 'off the rails' after stopping his meds

THE failure to take his medication, combined with the consumption of illicit drugs were the two factors behind Schalk Steven Herbst very narrowly escaping a stint behind bars.

Blackwater-based Herbst, 22, pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying a dangerous drug and one count of possessing a dangerous drug in the Rockhampton District Court on Friday.

Following a police raid on his property on March 22, 2018, evidence was uncovered of his drug dealing activities.

His mobile phone had evidence of two instances when he successfully transacted a total quantity of 10 MDMA (ecstasy) pills and two instances when he was recorded carrying out two "preparatory" acts of drug supply.

The first of those acts was arranging for the purchase of drugs, and the second was when he contacted a person offering to supply them given he had "bulk caps".

When police discovered 20 "Blue Adidas" pills in his room mate's room, Herbst accepted responsibility for owning them - a commercial quantity according to prosecutors.

Looking at his criminal history Crown prosecutor Elise Sargent noted how Herbst was on probation (due to expire in 2020) and was out on parole (due to expire in October), because of unrelated lawbreaking.

Defence Barrister Ross Lo Monaco produced medical reports described his client's battle with mental issues which saw him taken out of school and struggle to remain medicated due to how it made him feel.

He said Herbst's failure to medicate, combined with his intake of illicit substances, lead to life choices which "destroyed him", where he'd "really gone off the rails".

Discovery of new medication regimen along with rehabilitation steps had turned his life around in recent months.

Judge Michael Burnett accepted Herbt's mental difficulties as key underlying reasons behind his law breaking.

He sentenced Herbst to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years with strict probation conditions.

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