Drug courier claims conviction 'excessive'

A COURT has dismissed claims a man was just a "courier", finding he was a major part of a drug operation when he supplied cannabis worth $116,000 to a drug outfit for sale in Emerald.

After he was sentenced to a four-year jail term Sean Jeffrey Beakey, 37, claimed his conviction was manifestly excessive - despite being locked up in a minimum security jail.

Beakey was the middleman between a cannabis grower and a man allegedly running drugs into central Queensland.

Police phone intercepts overheard the alleged dealer and Beaker discussing providing drugs to the man on three occasions.

Beakey, who ran a carpet cleaning business on the Gold Coast, provided the man with 29 pounds of cannabis at $4000 per pound, totalling $116,000.

In appealing his sentence Beakey claimed he had been sentenced as a more important part of the operation than he was.

Defence lawyer Simon Lewis said the Gold Coast man was nothing more than a courier - transporting goods at the alleged dealer's instructions.

However, Justice Debra Mullins found Beakey played a greater role than his defence claimed and was the primary go-between for the dealer and the supplier.

"(Beakey's) role was as the middleman in using the target's funds to purchase and collect significant quantities of cannabis ... on three separate occasions, for delivery to the target where the applicant had some knowledge of the trafficking business of the target," she said.

"The applicant was not a mere courier."

Mr Lewis told the court Beakey was paid in cannabis for the transaction and was a significant drug user at the time.

The appeal was refused and Beakey will remain in custody.


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