Dress up your garden with accessories


BEAUTIFUL gardens will always contain beautiful plants. That goes without saying. But a beautiful garden will also contain other decorative elements, and you can have some great fun with these.

Your garden style can be emphasised and enhanced simply through the selection of accessories to suit.

Tropical garden style has been popular here for many years – it suits our climate and our lifestyle.

Stone lanterns, Asian-inspired statues and artworks, pebbles and bamboo all look right at home in this sort of garden.

While the tropical look will never go out of style, the last few years has seen a shift back to more classic plants – camellias, hydrangeas, lavender, geraniums, daisies and even flowering annuals. The shabby chic/French provincial look works especially well with these. Gardeners seem to be embracing the romanticism and charm of the country garden, and so it’s natural to look to the country for other styling techniques.

It fits especially well with the renewed interest in growing food.

Herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers – the classic pottager garden – are right at home in a relaxed, country setting.

Often the kitchen garden misses out on the design and planning that we devote to other parts of the garden.

But there is no reason for this – the kitchen garden can be as attractive as any other part. All it needs is a bit of creativity. Introduce some focal points by adding pots, statues, perhaps a bird bath or bird feeder. Features like these will enhance the plantings, and add to the overall effect.

Bright new terracotta pots might look a bit out of place, so speed up the ageing process by painting them with yoghurt (add some fish fertiliser for extra speed). Fill them with premium potting mix and cram with a mixture of edibles and flowers. Old timber wine barrels make great vegetable containers too.

Chooks are a classic part of the country garden, but not necessarily something we want to commit to, so use fake ones – terracotta, china, metal, wire, there are all sorts available. These decorative elements don’t need to be confined to the garden. You can repeat them on the veranda, the patio, and throughout the house.

Ornate bird cages can contain potted plants instead of captive birds; rustic baskets and timber trays can be crammed with potted herbs and flowers; furniture featuring floral or butterfly motifs can bring the garden to the table.

Lots of these gorgeous garden accessories are made from metal, so protect them from the elements with a spray of Penetrol.


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