Doubts over Dr Hasil from day one: obstetrician

LISMORE doctor Brendan O'Sullivan was one of the senior obstetricians at Lismore Base Hospital responsible for supervising Dr Roman Hasil during his employment there between 2001 and 2005.

Dr O'Sullivan said more still needed to be done to ensure foreign doctors were adequately vetted.

“I wouldn't say it could never happen again,” Dr O'Sullivan said.

He said obtaining employment records from overseas was difficult and little could be done to check if someone was lying on their application.

“The process needs to be tightened up,” he said.

Doctors at the hospital were suspicious of Dr Hasil from the day he started because he was a middle-aged man who had applied for a very junior position.

“He purported to have been in charge of a unit in Prague,” Dr O'Sullivan said.

“We wondered why someone of middle age would come to work as a resident.

“We had concerns about the vetting process.”

Dr O'Sullivan said Lismore Base Hospital was in a desperate situation because of a shortage of doctors.

“We have to take what we can get,” he said.

Dr O'Sullivan said he was unaware of any complaints about Dr Hasil drinking on duty, but was aware that he had some personal problems.

“I think he was probably a man who has struggled with his drinking,” he said.

“It is not the case that he drank all the time he was in Lismore.”

Dr O'Sullivan said Dr Hasil's performance at the hospital was, for a long time, adequate.

However, he became so concerned about Dr Hasil that, for the final six months of Dr Hasil's employment at Lismore Base Hospital, he refused to work with him.

“My concerns were mostly about his failure to communicate adequately with me,” Dr O'Sullivan said.

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