Dorothy the Dinosaur
Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy drops in to brighten up Kaden's day

KADEN COLLIER, six, of Spring Grove, thought it was about time Dorothy the Dinosaur was thanked for making so many kids smile.

So when Dorothy wiggled her way toward his bed during a visit to the children's ward at Lismore Base Hospital yesterday, he gave her his hand-made green greeting card.

Dorothy – who had been travelling since Wednesday and visiting hospitals along the coast – said the best thing about her trip had been seeing the kids smile when she blew kisses or gave them a hug.

Play therapist at the Lismore Base Hospital, Marilyn Mosely, said having a visit from the popular dinosaur was a great way to boost moral for the kids.

“Hospitals can be scary for children, who are often missing home, so having something for them to look forward to is great,” she said.

“A lot of the kids also had their photo taken with Dorothy, and that will be a great memory of their time in hospital when they go home.”

Kaden's mum, Jenna Collier-Battistuzzi, said her son had been so excited that Dorothy was arriving he had been watching the clock closely and was a little anxious when she was a few minutes late.

Mrs Collier-Battistuzzi said the visit had been a great way to entertain her son, who will be in hospital for another four weeks with a broken femur.

“I think most adults would go crazy if they were confined to a bed for six weeks,” she said.

“Kids are definitely a lot better at it.”

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