Come to the Cabaret

BASED on the stories in Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood, Cabaret first opened in 1966 and received the New York Drama Critics’ Award for Best Musical as well as eight Tony Awards.

The film, starring Liza Minnelli, was released in 1972 and won an incredible eight Oscars. In other words, the expectations are always going to be high for Cabaret.

On a personal level, I’ve recently been mulling over the difference between hope and expectation. I know for me, expecting life to be a certain way is a recipe for disaster, but at the same time; I know I need hope.

Which brings us back to Cabaret. I would seriously suggest that you come to the show, but don’t expect to see the film of the same name. That would be impossible. This hugely enjoyable production is a locally produced amateur show, put together by those that are willing to work up a sweat rehearsing for months, usually after work and on precious weekends, all for the love of theatre.

Byron Bay Theatre Company’s Cabaret is comprised of infectious energy, solid performances, some sensational voices and a stand-out talent in the form of Avikal who quite steals the show as he channels the Master-of-Ceremonies. Avikal has the role pitch perfect. You can’t imagine him being anyone else (except I know he masquerades as a talented hairdresser by day). But that’s the joy of amateur theatre in this region.

The relationship between the landlady, Fraulein Schneider (Linda Rutledge) and her beau, Herr Schultz (Simeon Tinsley) is delightful, it’s their story that pulls it all together. The young performer playing Clifford Bradshaw is convincingly innocent as he is handsome. Sasha Michalitsianos as Sally Bowles had some fine moments, while the rest of the supporting cast delivered some standout cameo performances.

The producer, director, cast – and the entire talented crew have a lot to be proud of. The audience thought so too, as they got behind the show, whooping, cheering and energetically applauding. You can more than hope to enjoy this show, you can expect to.

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