Don't change our anthem: McCullum

DON’T touch our national anthem.

That’s the message from Ballina RSL Sub-branch president Macca McCallum, who said he was shocked by poll results that showed more than 60 per cent of Australians were unhappy with Advance Australia Fair.

“It’s about Australia. It dignifies what we are and where we have come from,” he said.

“Why change it just for the sake of changing it?

“If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.

“When I sing our anthem it makes my chest swell.

“I stand up, the shoulders square off and I feel very proud.

“And I love watching the kids sing it.

“A lot of people died for that song and that flag.

“It would be stupid to change it.

“I have travelled all over the world and there is no better country than Australia.

“That’s what Advance Australia Fair is about. It’s a brilliant song.”

The poll of more than 1300 people, by online travel marketplace, found that 43 per cent of voters wanted We Are Australian to replace Advance Australia Fair as the national anthem.

The song is best known from theQantas commercials.

Banjo Patterson’s Waltzing Matilda was supported by 10pc, while 5pc called for Great Southern Land by Icehouse and 4pc wanted Land Down Under by Men at Work.

One per cent of respondents said they didn’t care what the national anthem was. Only 36pc of voters were satisfied with Advance Australia Fair, which replaced God Save the Queen in 1984 after it was chosen in a public poll in 1977.

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