FURRY bunnies hopping their four fuzzy feet over jumps as if they were in a dog show: It's something you've probably never seen before.

But for Goonellabah residents Fran Boston and Sean Rich, the founding members of Northern NSW Rabbit Hopping & Companion Club, it's something they thrive on.

Bunny hopping is already huge in places like Denmark, the Netherlands and England, and now they're trying to bring it to the Northern Rivers.

The two bunny lovers, who have around 100 bunnies between them (all named and individually loved - no favourites!), started the NNRHCC in an effort to bring rabbits out of their "backyard existence" and into their full potential.

"We're trying to get (owners) to bring their bunnies out, interact with them and learn about them," Mrs Boston said.

"They're intelligent, they're cute, they don't bark, they don't kill wildlife, they're clean.

"And they don't 'breed like rabbits' - that's just a saying," Mr Rich added.

So what does bunny hopping involve?

Basically, it's the same idea as dog agility courses, the pair explain, and it's quite easy to train a rabbit to hop.

"It's a natural thing for them to hop," Mrs Boston said.

Rabbits, she said, can jump 45cm in height on average at a peak level; however the record hop is 99.5cm, they believed.

They'll be holding their first display and info session on Saturday, April 13 from 9am-2pm in the old Supre shop at Ballina Fair.

A basic health screening will be held at 9am and any rabbits found sick or with disease will not be allowed to enter the venue.

Rabbits must be in a suitable carry cage and be provided with food and water.

All inquiries to the Animal House Pet Shop 6686 5560.

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