A funnel-web spider
A funnel-web spider

Dog spots deadly spider

PANIC set in for Renee Roberts on Monday when her rottweiler Saibah alerted her to what she suspected was the world's deadliest spider, a male funnel-web, one centimetre from her.

The mother of five said she was outside her Woombah home when her dog spotted the hairy black spider that was about to crawl on her foot.

After growing up in the leafy Sydney North Shore suburb of Frenchs Forest, Mrs Roberts, a wildlife lover, said she knew she was encountering a potential killer when she saw the spider.

Mrs Roberts said she and her son Dylan screamed to husband Ben, who came to the rescue.

Mr Roberts said he approached his wife, saw the spider and got a jar to capture it in.

"I ran over and carefully scooped the spider up using a piece of paper into an empty coffee jar," he said.

This wasn't the first funnel-web the Roberts family had encountered over the years at Woombah.

Mrs Roberts said her son Jack came running to tell her about a funnel-web he found on his towel in the bathroom last year.

National Parks spokesperson Lawrence Orel said there were a number of different species of funnel-web found on the east coast.

Mr Orel said judging by photos of the spider it was a ground funnel-web.

"They would certainly give you a nasty bite," he said.


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