Workers Condors pitcher Sam Green throws down the gauntlet to Dodgers Devils in Far North Coast open women’s softball on Saturday.
Workers Condors pitcher Sam Green throws down the gauntlet to Dodgers Devils in Far North Coast open women’s softball on Saturday. DAVID NIELSEN

Dodgers outlast Condors in womens softball

WORKERS Condors and Dodgers Devils produced a game to remember in Far North Coast open women’s softball on Saturday, with Dodgers Devils squeezing out a 4-3 win.

Condors were missing pitcher Carlie Walker, Ashleigh and Laura Knight and Tennille Shaw, while Dodgers were without Jo Rucker and their catcher.

Dodgers outfielders Selina Atkinson and Donna Salgram did well to keep Condors scoreless.

Condors catcher Samantha Green turned pitcher in the absence of Walker and held Dodgers to a nil-all score line at the bottom of the first innings.

Bronwyn Gibson and Melissa Wilson hit safely for Condors in the second and stand-in player Kim Hall drilled a well placed ball through rightfield to score both before being caught in a run-down between second and third and base by Devils catcher Kayleen Shailes and Atkinson running in from centrefield.

Devils’ first two batters were thrown out at first base but the next two were walked and a hit to centrefield by Pope Devils loaded the bases.

Atkinson grounded out to Shannon Pool for the third out, preventing Dodgers from scoring and Condors still led 2-0. At the top of the third, Pool and Green reached base then Kasey Renwick hit a high fly ball to Atkinson at centrefield, who took the catch but could not stop Pool from tagging up and crossing home plate.

Shailes got Devils off to a good start in the third innings, slamming a two-base hit through rightfield.
But in a brilliant double play, Green took a line drive off the bat of Hannah Elliott and quickly turned to catch the runner off first by throwing her out.

Marion Stevens the hit a screamer down the third base line only for Pool to clean up and end the innings for Condors.

In the fourth innings the Dodgers outfielders scooped up everything in their path to stop Condors adding to their 3-0 lead.

Condors retired the first two batters with a catch by Vanessa Wong at centrefield and a K2 by Green, but a couple of walks and a hit to Atkinson allowed Devils to tie the game up at 3-all.

Workers conceded the winning run on a dropped ball at first before Wong in the outfield cleaned up for the third out.

Condors went into bat and a home run from Green put them ahead 5-4, but time was against them and the score reverted to a 4-3 win to Dodgers Devils.

Rangers outfox Byron Whitesox

ROUS RANGERS proved too strong for Byron Bay Whitesox 14-0.

Loris Gordon took control from the mound with a number of strike-outs and when Byron did get bat to ball they were snatched up by Sue Clarke and Sam Dowse.

Denise Simes starred with the bat, hitting a huge home run between centre and right field.

Best for Whitesox were pitcher Shannon Knapp and shortstop Jess Bond. Workers Wild Turkeys defeated Goonellabah Lotto 9-5 in a brilliant game of softball with the outfielders taking some exceptional catches. This seven-innings game had it all with big hits, double plays and brilliant fielding.

Pitchers Tina Austen (Wild Turkeys) and Trish Claydon (Goonellabah) gave nothing away.

Workers scored two runs on a wild throw and a safe hit from Kate Foster to take an early lead, while Renee Cowan at centrefield took a brilliant catch just centimetres from the ground.

In the fifth innings first base Mary MacKenzie made a superb double play.

In other games, Casino Ratbags sneaked home over Breakaways 19-12; Blues Sistas defeated M2Ms 8-3; and Byron Bay Redsox thrashed Blues Sistas Divas 15-1.

Annalies Melene pitched a great game for Redsox and combined well with Helen Thurgood at first base to make many outs.

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