Dodgers hand Condors a lesson

DODGERS Devils have defeated Lismore Workers Condors 4-2 in Far North Coast Open women’s softball at the weekend.

With great pitching by both sides, Carlie Walker for Workers and Sonya Pope for Devils, the game was scoreless after the first innings.

But it was in the second innings where Devils started to find their stride with the bat with Kayleen Shailes leading the way.

Walker started Condors off well in the first innings but was left on base as Devils took the next three batters out.

Condors took the next two batters with great fielding only to have the veteran Shailes step up and hit a three bagger to score both runners. A great catch a second base, by Laura Knight, retired the side.

Devils shut Condors down in the next innings, giving up just the one hit to have a 3-0 lead at the bottom of the dig.

Condors came out strong in the field for the fourth to close Devils down with a great double play. A fly ball to shortstop Kasey Renwick saw the first out and followed up with a pick off at first base for the double.

In the fifth, Devils found it hard going to get runners on base. Shannon Pool showed the way for Condors with a huge home run but her team-mates were unable to follow through.

Meanwhile, Rous Hotel Rangers stamped their authority with a comprehensive 15-8 win over Byron Bay Whitesox.

Strong batting on a consistent basis and tight fielding gave Rangers the commanding win.

Samantha Dowse, Denise Simes and Sue Clark led the way in the batting department while Chris Blizzard, returning to the game after a long break, showed she hasn’t lost her touch in the fielding department at shortstop.

Whitesox found the going tough in the first few digs while they were trying to find their feet.

The fourth innings saw Whitesox starting to get a handle on the pitching of Sue Clark and with strong batting by Shannon Knapp, Sarah Knapp and Di West they were able to tie some runs together.

However they left their run a little late and time was their enemy.

In division 2, Workers Wild Turkeys defeated Woodburn M2Ms 12-8.

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