You have your say on the Lennox ski jump

Tuesday 5.38pm: STATE member for Ballina, Tamara Smith, has also added her disapproval for the ski jump at Lennox Head as she believes the project would be an inappropriate structure for the region.

"If a nine-storey building was being built in the dunes behind Lennox Head I think most people would rightly be outraged. So I find it hard to understand how a similar sized practice ski jump is appropriate for the visual and scenic amenity of Lennox Head residents," Mrs Smith said.

"The proposed ski jump is for a handful of elite sports people - where is the relevance of it to Lennox Head and how will that help the local community? Where is the business case for this development? It seems out of step with our region."

"I would encourage anyone with concerns to make a submission, now that submissions are open - through Ballina Shire Council."

When asked about his stance on the project, Ballina Mayor David Wright said he is yet to read the Development Application for the project but he explained that he wants what's in the community's best interest.

The final decision will come down to the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) which will consist of three State Government members and two Ballina Shire council staff members.

Tuesday 10.55am:  We asked our Facebook readers what they thought of the proposed ski jump and we received a range of responses - from flat out disagreements, "no no and no", to individuals more open to the idea.

Ginny Goss commented "I like the idea of it, it's quirky, but I don't understand why it needs sea views and it will be ugly on a beautiful coastline. Can't they put it at the back of Lennox?"

Sebastian Rooks said "As long as they do not rail road the people directly affected by it - if neighbors, the local community have no issue with it, then no one else should either. But government just tends to say screw you anyway."

Erika Taylor disagreed with the project's proposed benefits for the community "There is nothing in this for the community. Will only bring a handful of people to town and the community are not allowed in."

And Jess Lowe questioned why the community is only getting fired up now when the project has been discussed in depth before, "I don't get it, this has been in the pipeline for quite a while and only now there's outrage!? What, didn't they realise this ramp would be of significant size? It's a ski jump, they only come in one size- extremely large!"


Monday 3.06pm: IT'S the $10.5million project that has left some locals furious, and they are not done 'howling' to council that they are against this ski jump on Lennox Head's pristine coast line.

With the Development Application lodged last week for a Recreation Facility Olympic Training Facilities (ski jump) near Lake Ainsworth, opposition to the project has become more vocal.

'The Howl for Protest' is a community response to the proposed eleven story (35 metres high) ski jump, and will be held on Thursday May 11, from 5pm Lennox Head Surf Club.

Social media forums are full of unhappy posts, with protesters vying for signatures on their petitions and emails to council.

A diagram has been posted to twitter, comparing the height of the proposed structure to surrounding landmarks.

Six formal letters of complaint have been recorded on the council DA.

Locals expressed their concerns about "visual pollution", "the ugly and inappropriate structure", which will "downgrade the shire" and create "eye sores" for the community and tourists.

Campaign flyers have also been distributed reading: "We love our Olympians but this is not the place".

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