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DIY beauty with scrumptious honey lip scrub

TO keep your skin looking beautiful, healthy and young you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars at the counters in department stores.

Some of the simplest items for do-it-yourself face products are already sitting in your pantry.

One of my most favourite DIY projects is a scrumptious honey lip scrub.

You may think scrubbing your lips is a little bit strange but let me tell you, once you've done it you won't regret it.

In the lead up to the cooler months our lips often begin to crack due to the changing seasons.

If you're further inland you might also notice your lips are already starting to feel dryer than they usually feel, hence why it's extremely important to take precautions to minimise damaged right now.

One of my favourite ways to save my lips is this simple honey sugar recipe.

Just get a teaspoon of honey, brown sugar and olive or coconut oil.

Mix it together until it's a thick paste.

Apply it to your lips and leave for a few minutes, if you have managed not to lick it off, wash it off.

They should feel baby-bottom smooth.

After the scrub, to achieve the perfect plump pout, apply your favourite lip balm (not gloss) and drink heaps of water throughout the day.

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