Disabled sloop safe at shore

A PASSING trawler alerted by an emergency flare, helped Brunswick Rescue tow a disabled 35-metre sloop to safety from 1.6km off Cape Byron on Saturday.

Cape Byron Coastal Patrol received the distress call from the yacht at 10am.

The yacht’s captain reported that the vessel, with two adults and two children on board, had a broken rudder and he was unable to steer the craft.

Byron Coastal Patrol was able to observe the yacht, however, due to rough seas and strong winds the Brunswick rescue craft could not see it in the choppy waters.

As the Coastal Patrol attempted to direct the rescue boat via radio, a passing trawler responded to the yacht’s emergency flare and was able to provide ‘close standby’ until help arrived.

The Ballina Coast Guard was also put on alert.

“Thanks to the efforts of the Brunswick rescue boat crew, who had an extremely difficult task to accomplish due to the yacht’s instability, the disabled yacht was eventually towed to safe anchor,,” division commander of Cape Byron Coastal Patrol said.

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