DIRT CHEAP: Council to auction 'odd' blocks of land

Kyogle Council is holding a public auction for 22
Kyogle Council is holding a public auction for 22 "odd" lots. David Thomas

KYOGLE Council is auctioning off 22 'odd' parcels of land whose rightful owners have been lost in the annals of time.

The lots are located at various locations across the vast council area from Wadeville and Loadstone in the north east, to Malanganee and Tabulam in the west.

They range from a tiny 50sqm up to a 2ha.

Kyogle Council acting general manager Marcus Schintler said the lots, slated for auction on March 1, had a strange history.

"On rare occasions private sales take place for a property and it's generally a small land area which has not been correctly transferred,” he said.

"Infrequent audits by NSW Land and Property occasionally identify these small parcels of land... they're pretty old - basically from decades ago.

"They notify us there is a small block of land we need to be charging rates on, the Valuer General gives us the value, we then go out and try to find the person that owns it.

"And in these 22 cases we cannot find who owns them.

"We still have the original name on the title as the person in ownership and in all cases, that person is deceased.”

Mr Schintler said what usually happened was a block of land was sold but both the seller and buyer failed to realise a piece didn't come across. So the original owner was left on the title.

Under the Local Government Act the council has the right to sell land on which no rates had been paid for five years.

Mr Schintler said the lots in question were rural, and did not have building permits. As such they would mainly be of interest to adjoining landowners.

The land will be offered for sale by public auction on March 1 at the Kyogle Bowling Club, 36 Larkin Street, Kyogle at 11am.

The blocks:

Lot 12 in DP111280 Summerland Way, Kilgra 2474

Lot 9, Lot 10 and Lot 12 in DP 251698 Kyogle Road, Little Back Creek 2474

Lot 1 in DP246847 Gradys Creek Road, Loadstone 2474

Lot 10 in DP113643 Clarence Way, Culmaran Creek 2469

Lot 4 in DP113889 Butlers Road, Mallanganee 2469

Lot 1 in DP651307 Jacksons Flat Road, Jacksons Flat 2469

Lot 17 in DP111650 Bentley Road, Boorabee Park 2480

Lot 3, Lot 4 and Lot 5 in DP113890 Clarence Way, Tabulam 2469

Lot 2 in DP113559 Pines Road, Ettrick 2474

Lot 1 in DP112024 Bruxner Highway, Mallanganee 2469

Lot 10 in DP113259 Clarence Way, Urbenville 2476

Lot 12 in DP114671 Old Tweed Road, Wadeville 2474

Lot 13 in DP 113820 Old Cob-O-Corn Road, Eden Creek 2474

Lot 6 and Lot 7 in DP114671 Old Tweed Road, Wadeville 2474

Lot 19 , Lot 20 and Lot 21 in DP252492 Afterlee Road, Afterlee 2474

Lot 16 and Lot 17 in DP252493 Afterlee Road, Afterlee 2474

Lot 1 in DP1138917 Kyogle Road, Little Back Creek 2474

Lot 1 in DP450252 Eden Creek Road, Upper Eden Creek 2474

Lot 18, Lot 19 and Lot 20 in DP252493 Afterlee Road, Smiths Creek 2474

Lot 14 in DP113857 Afterlee Road, Geneva 2474

Lot 1 in DP114671 Old Tweed Road, Wadeville 2474

Lot 10 in DP114673 Link Road, Wadeville 2474

Lot 11 in DP114672 Kyogle Road, Wadeville 2474

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