Diamonds Plus could be your best friend

ROBERT ARGENT knows a thing or two about diamonds.

He started in the jewellery trade more than 50 years ago and has owned stores in Townsville, Brisbane, Grafton and now Lismore.

After trying to retire three times, Mr Argent is now celebrating the sixth birthday of Diamonds Plus, located on the corner of Woodlark and Molesworth streets.

With a master jeweller and diamond setter on the premises, Diamonds Plus don't just sell jewellery, they are also manufacturers of fine jewellery.

With products sold on quality, not price, Diamonds Plus offers a high level of trust and commitment to its customers.

“The right advice is worth more than a discount,” Mr Argent said.

“My objective has always been to have the finest selection of diamond jewellery at the best price and the best possible service.”

Diamonds Plus is also a member of the Showcase buying group, meaning it has all the power of a chain store, but is still individually owned.

Mr Argent can craft you a unique piece of jewellery as individual as you are. “We make jewellery here, it's something chain stores can't do,” he said.

Mr Argent estimates that 75 per cent of his business at Diamonds Plus is diamond jewellery, remakes and repairs.

“Diamonds are my passion,” he said, “They never cease to fascinate me.”

Visit the store and look not just at the range of made jewellery, but also the range loose diamonds, direct from Antwerp, Belgium.

“I go to Antwerp every year to buy diamonds,” Mr Argent said. “It's the diamond centre of the world and the highlight of my year.”

Mr Argent also keeps his finger on the pulse as a regular visitor to jewellery fairs in Europe and Asia.

“Diamonds today are the best value they have ever been,” he said.

Starting on Wednesday, Diamonds Plus is having a sale of unclaimed lay-bys.

“I've held on to them thinking the customers might come back,” Mr Argent said.

“We've written and called with no response. Some of the items date back several years.”

The jewellery will be displayed in the window today and tomorrow. If you notice a ring you put on lay-by and forgot to pay off, now is the time to claim it.

“The items have been heavily discounted from their original price,” Mr Argent said.

“There are also savings to be had on slow moving stock that we already have, with some items up to 50 per cent off.”

The range of jewellery on offer is diverse, from watches and brooches to wedding bands and bracelets.

“Lismore has been good to me,” Mr Argent said.

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