Developers not pulling plug yet

DEVELOPERS of the $20 million highway service centre planned for the Teven Rd interchange on the Ballina bypass are "plugging on" with the project.

But planner Steve Connelly, speaking on behalf of proponents Ballina HSC Pty Ltd, admitted they were "getting worn down by the process".

The service centre was approved by Ballina Shire Council in June 2011 with more than 200 conditions of consent.

Mr Connelly said the principals of Ballina HSC Pty Ltd had hoped to open the service centre about the same time as the bypass, which was fully opened to traffic in mid-2012.

However, he said it had not been possible because of the "complex regulatory framework that applies to projects like this one".

The proponents currently have three modification applications pending with the council.

Modifications include changes to the filling to make the construction sequence easier, an adjustment to the fill levels to agree with the exhibited amendments to the council's flood management development control plan, and a modification to vary the developer contributions for upgrading the local road network.

Mr Connelly said the project would mainly involve highway traffic and have "very little impact on the local road system".

"Further to the above, council has recently invited the developer to lodge a further modification application to change the flood culverts under River Street from a bank of 10 to only two culverts," he said.

"Ballina HSC Pty Ltd is waiting for council's flood consultant to complete an 'optimisation study' before the company can formally lodge this application."

The company is also waiting for special permission from the Roads and Maritime Service in relation to building the slip land from the highway to the service centre site.

Mr Connelly said the proponents had "not been idle".

"This is taking much longer than originally anticipated.

"They (the company principals) confess to be getting quite worn out by the process, but for the moment they assure me that they are 'plugging on'."

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