Determination, solid batting the key to third straight win

DODGERS' 9-4 win over Workers Condors in Far North Coast Division 1 women's softball on Saturday was all about determination.

Condors started solidly with pitcher Tina Austen keeping things tight and Dodgers left afew runners on base.

But errors crept into Workers' field and solid Dodgers batting in the third innings set up a five-run frenzy led by Sherilee Mathews, Sharon Winkler and Selina Atkinson.

A Sam Green home run to score three put Workers back in it but Mathews' pitching, including three strike-outs, and good fielding gave Dodgers a third consecutive win.

Green, Gaynor Palmer and Ashleigh Knight were Workers' best.

Ballina Sharks showed their bite against Woodburn Whippets with solid batting setting up an 18-2 win.

The Sharks scored six in the first innings and did not let up.

Woodburn's Renne Blaike and Shantarna Berry hit doubles but Ballina looked to have more energy and punch throughout.

Lee Hooley pitched with great accuracy to youth player Molly Donald and was well supported by shortstop Danica Sattler, who bagged four catches and made several great ground ball outs at first.

After conceding two runs in the first, Rous never looked back to defeat Byron Bay Whitesox 14-2.

The red and whites had no reply after Sam Dowse cracked a two-run home run in the bottom of the first innings.

Rous poured on the runs with the game ending early on the mercy rule after the third dig.

Rangers scored six runs in the second and five in the third, highlighted by a triple to Allison Quinton, who backed up in the field with two sensational defensive plays at shortstop.

Loris Gordon struck out five batters while Amy Gordon and newcomer Renee North each had three safe hits.

Workers Wild Turkeys are proving to be a real force in Division 2 after dominating against Casino Cougars 17-3.

Sixty-four-year-old Merrilyn O'Byran set the scene for Turkeys by striking out Casino's first batter.

Second base Belinda Stratford and catcher/shortstop Lauren Forrester starred for Workers with Forrester hitting a massive home run.

Blues Sistas Devas cannot take a trick, this time losing to Woodburn Wonders 10-7.

A nine-run batting frenzy gave them a 16-11 advantage but time ran out and it did not count.

Chrissy Costello was Devas' best, slamming two home runs.

Cam Hogan also fired for Devas, hitting a triple, two doubles and a single while catcher Sarah Colbourne went well.

Woodburn's best were new players Naomi Woodgate at shortstop and Liz Willows at catcher.

Rous Warriors defeated Goonellabah 10-5.

For Rous, Berry Wagner batted and pitched well and Ally Quinton also did well with the bat.

Goonellabah toiled in the field led by third base Trish Claydon and pitcher Ma Foster.

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