Detectives still on the case

Det Sgt Matt Kehoe.
Det Sgt Matt Kehoe.

THE investigation into the murder of Simone Strobel remains ongoing.

Lead investigators detective inspectors Shane Diehm and Wayne Harris were unavailable for comment yesterday, but Richmond Local Area Command investigations manager Detective Sergeant Matt Kehoe said detectives were still working closely with German police and any new information they received continued to be fully investigated.

New information came to light in February last year that led German investigators to travel to Japan to interview a tourist who was camped next to Ms Strobel and her boyfriend Tobias Suckfuell.

The tourist’s statement contradicted Suckfuell’s assertion that Simone had walked off alone that night.

Det Sgt Kehoe said police were still highly motivated to achieve an outcome following the open finding of the coroner in 2007, and any advancement in forensic science are always re-applied to unsolved murder cases.

“There is no greater responsibility for police than to investigate the death of another human being and we are always mindful of that,” he said.

“This crime had a great impact on the family and the community and we are still looking into different aspects of it.

“On this fifth anniversary I just want to remind anyone with any information, no matter how minor or trivial it may seem, to come forward.”

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