Andrew Broad.
Andrew Broad.

Deputy PM 'disappointed' over Andrew Broad's alleged scandal

JUST hours after Michael McCormack suggested Andrew Broad reconsider his future the Federal Nationals MP has confirmed he will quit parliament over sexual misconduct allegations.

Mr Broad yesterday announced his resignation as assistant minister to Mr McCormack after allegations of using a "sugar daddy" website to seek a dinner date with a younger woman while in Hong Kong

The married politician has confirmed he will withdraw his nomination for his Victorian seat of Mallee after the allegations, which originally emerged in New Idea Magazine.

Nationals Leader Michael McCormack shared his "disappointment" today while meeting with dignitaries in Broadwater to mark the nearing completion of the new Richmond River Bridge.

"I had no knowledge of improper conduct until I opened the papers this morning," Mr McCormack said.

"Mr Broad phoned me to tell me about the issues swirling around the public.

"He told me he was on a private trip and he'd gone onto a dating site on a whim and met up with a person for dinner. He told me that nothing further had happened ... it was only after that particular dinner when certain contact with made by the person he had with, that Mr Broad became concerned."

Mr McCormack admitted to receiving the phone call from Mr Broad  "a couple of weeks" ago.

"I said if you haven't reported it to the proper authorities than I think you should do so,'" he said.

"Mr Broad has made the right decision by standing aside and that is the proper course of action for him to take.

He said he was "very disappointed" to hear of the alleged misconduct.

"I'm very let down," he said.

"I think the public has been let down and I know the people expect better.

"I think he needs to work out whether that (parliament) is entirely his future, I think he has more concerns right now sorting out his personal issues .... I would like to think somebody was going to represent that national party is entirely focussed on the people we serve."

Mr McCormack said he didn't ask Mr Broad to resign immediately or felt the need to tell the Prime Minister because he believed it was "a personal matter between him and his family."

"I don't tell the prime minister about absolutely everything about every member of parliament," he said.

"He made a very bad decision but a very bad decision I wasn't aware of all the facts of."

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