Defence on the attack

THE Kyogle woman at the centre of a sex attack trial had a history of making false complaints to police, the jury in the Lismore District Court was told yesterday.

She had rung police several times claiming that her former partner had approached her under the influence of drink and drugs and in breach of an apprehended violence order (AVO), defence barrister Troy Edwards told the court.

On one occasion, police had gone to the woman’s home in response to these calls to find the man doing her gardening, he said.

The police had reported he showed no sign of being drunk or drugged, Mr Edwards said.

The woman said she had made ‘a big mistake’ when her accusations led to the ex-partner appearing in court on false charges.

Mr Edwards put it to the woman that she had frequently lied to the police about AVO breaches and assaults in order to solve other domestic disputes with the former partner, and to ‘get what she wanted’.

The woman denied the present case was another example of her using the police to get rid of a male partner she was angry with.

The jury also heard evidence from an ambulance paramedic who went to the complainant’s house at 5 o’clock on the morning of the alleged offences.

He had found the accused sitting there in an intoxicated condition, but had no fears for the safety of the woman in the house.

However, it is alleged that for the next six hours the accused slapped her, pushed metal objects up her nose, threatened her with knives and subjected her to other violent and indecent acts and threats.

The accused man is charged with assault with an act of indecency; recklessly causing grievous bodily harm; and threatening to inflict bodily harm on the victim with intent to have sexual intercourse.

The paramedic said he thought the accused was the patient and he asked to carry out some tests on him.

But the man said ‘do not touch me’, and became agitated, the paramedic said.

Other witnesses were a taxi driver and the manager of a liquor shop near the woman’s home.

Both of them said the alleged victim told them on the morning in question – January 20, 2008 – that she had been bashed, but did not say by whom.

The trial continues today.

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