Death: it's part of the job

THE hardest task in my line of work is writing about death.

Contrary to some opinions, journalists are human (with feelings) and it just so happens that part of our job is to write stories about very tragic circumstances.

Admit it ... you'll read a story about a fatal car accident or a drowning, because you want to know about it - the story of the person's life, the tragedy, the family's grief.

Most of us, unfortunately, can relate. We've lost friends in car accidents, family to suicide, loved ones to cancer.

Being there, in the moments shortly after a familly member has died, is a difficult situation to be in - especially if you are seen to be an 'intruder', an outsider.

A lot of journalists struggle to cope with this. We do shut down, put our 'professional' face on, and do our job.

But most of us try to do it with compassion and respect - for the deceased, the family and the emergency services, who face an evern more gruesome task than our own.

I believe it is a necessary job - to record what has happened, show the tragedy for what it is (a tragedy) and hopefully highlight the causes to try and prevent further deaths.



It's time to ask for a divorce (May 10)

WHEN should you ask for a divorce?

When he leaves the toilet seat up too many times, when she spends all your life savings on shoes, or when you don't love each other anymore?

A Chinese man has the best reason of all.

First his wife left him.

Then he was charged with her murder.

He faced the death penalty, but luckily was granted to serve a life sentence in prison.

He served 10 years in jail and was released this week.


His 'murdered' wife turned up back at the village where they lived, alive and well.

Honey, I'm home.

While her husband had been sitting in a jail cell for 10 years, she'd run off and found another husband in another village.

How'd do you get 10 years of your life back?

That's when I'd be asking for a divorce.

Tell me what you think about this... leave a comment below.

Price proves he's not all brawn (May 7)

WHO'D have thunk it?

Steve Price graduating from Southern Cross University.

A rugby league player with a university degree.

And not just any player, a prop.

And not just any degree ... a Masters in Business.

Not something you see everyday.

Wouldn't have thought someone with so many muscles would be working the brain muscle.

I suppose he needed something to do when he finishes his last NRL season this year.

And now that he's shown how smart he really is, I'm sure he wouldn't be welcome on the Footy Show panel.

Seriously, congrats to Price for graduating on Friday.

I'm not sure it was as thrilling as being named Prop of the Year and Captain of the Year in the 2007 Dally M awards but I bet it's up there.

What do you think?

Are there any other brainy footy players out there?

Or is Price a smart cookie in a jar full of dumb crackers??

Landmines: pick up after your dog (May 6)

HAVE you ever run over a fresh pile of dog doodoo while mowing the lawn?

Luckily I haven't but I've been told it's not a pleasant picture.

Even more so if the 'landmine' doesn't belong to your dog.

I walk both my dogs every morning around the neighbourhood and am constantly dodging left-behind business by other dogs that have walked the same route before me.

I must admit, there are times I have not bagged and tagged, but mostly I can be found bending down and cleaning up after my dogs.

It's not fun, but someone has to do it.

Plus, I always picture a grumpy old man/woman, in their dressing gown with a rolled up newspaper chasing me down the street for letting my dogs 'go' in his/her front yard.

What do you think?

Should everyone pick up after their dogs or should we accept this is a natural occurance and get over it?

And what should be the penalty for those who don't scoop the poop?

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