Dean Pagotto lines Mt Warning up for third Photo of the Day

DEAN Pagotto and Mt Warning make it two in a row today after receiving the biggest vote in two Photo of the Day polls running.

Dean early this week submitted a series of images taken during a hike up old Cloud Catcher.

Two were published in Monday's poll, with one being voted in as yesterday's Photo of the Day, and one voted in as today's, with 47% of poll participants choosing it as their favourite.

Mt Warning on Sunday morning just after sunrise.
Mt Warning on Sunday morning just after sunrise. Dean Pagotto

What's more, today Dean and the mountain take a shot at the hat trick. There's one more image left in the series and it will form part of today's poll.

This is the first time in Mt Warning's 23-odd-million years it has a chance at being Photo of the Day three times in a row.

We're sure it's very excited.

Photo of the Day celebrates the beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of its people.

As well as appearing here, it is published on Page 2 of the newspaper and appears as the cover image on our Facebook page.

To contribute to Photo of the Day, share an image to our Facebook page or vote in our poll below before noon. 

Okay, it's voting time.

Can Dean Pagotto make it three in a row with his Mt Warning series?

It's not going to be easy for him given the amazing shots he's up against from Steve Parmenter, Shawna Palin, Marisa Viel, Leanne Taylor, and Ian Armstrong.

Whose image do you think should be tomorrow's Photo of the Day?

Choose before noon.

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