Dead pets dumped in recycling bins

LISMORE Council is asking residents not to put their dead pets into the recycling bins.

Since the opening of the MRF (Material Recovery Facility) in May when council started sorting all of its recycling on-site, it has come to the attention of staff that people have been disposing of dead animals in bins designated for paper, glass, plastic and recyclable metals.

Council's waste manager Kevin Trustum said they are seeing "a couple a week", ranging from kittens and cats, to puppies and even a rooster.

"This is distressing to our staff who have to remove them, especially to the staff from the House With No Steps," he said.

A statement from Lismore Council said putting ex-pets in the recycling bin was "not the way dead animals should be dealt with. We understand they need to be disposed of sometimes, but this is not the right way to do it."

However it is okay to put them in the green waste bin along with your food scraps and garden clippings.

"This is the appropriate way to deal with dead animals you do not wish to bury and will ensure our staff do not come upon unpleasant surprises in the course of their day-to-day work," the council statement said.

Mr Trustum said material from the green waste bins was turned into compost, which was suitable for using on gardens.

He also added that nappies and sharps (needles) should be kept out of recycling bins, as should asbestos sheeting.

"We have to stop the plant and get staff to put on protective clothing in order to remove it," he said.

Finally he said shredded paper and paper from hole punches are too fine for the recycling and should also go in the green waste bin for composting. (Along with your pets).

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