Trainers tell inquiry live baiting “rampant”

A GREYHOUND racing trainer has reportedly told the inquiry into the industry most trainers used live bait to speed up the animals.

The ABC reported that Todd Fear told the special commission on Tuesday he believed 90% of NSW trainers used live animals during training.

It was the second day of the public hearing for the inquiry that was prompted by the Four Corners report in February that revealed live possums, piglets and rabbits were being used to train the dogs.

On Monday, counsel-assisting the inquiry Stephen Rushton told the hearing Greyhounds Australasia acknowledged the industry was responsible "for the unnecessary deaths of anywhere between 13,000 and 17,000 healthy greyhounds a year".

He said of the 17,500 pups born each year, between 74% and 96% would be put down at some point either before or on retirement.

"As little as four in every 100 greyhounds born each year will make it beyond about 42 months of age," Mr Rushton said.

"As many as 96 in every 100 healthy young greyhounds born each year will be destroyed by the industry which bred them."

Greyhounds Australasia notes that, 'assuming the industry survives the current inquiries in four states, its greatest challenge to short, medium and long-term sustainability remains this disturbing reality'.

The hearing continues on Wednesday, with more evidence expected from people in the industry.


EARLIER: Day two of NSW greyhound racing hearing kicks off

WE STEP into day two of the NSW greyhound racing inquiry today, a story many on the Northern Rivers have kept a close eye on. 

The special commission of inquiry will identify issues concerning governance, integrity and animal welfare standards of the greyhound racing industry since the live baiting scandal came to light earlier this year. 

Here's how day one unfolded yesterday. 

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