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Day in the park a hit for Nashua folk

OH, THE tales of sporting folklore that were swapped at the Nashua community cricket day on Sunday.

It was recalled that every member of the Nashua cricket club used to show up for the game against nearby Bexhill.

And the reason? The players knew the Eltham pub was the stop-over on the way home and their wives knew they'd have to get up early in the morning to milk the cows.

The food and beverages have also improved since the club was founded in 1907.

While patrons attending the community event yesterday could sip on a hot cappuccino, thanks to a generator, back in the good old days, the only drink on offer was billy tea boiled up over an open fire in old kerosene tin.

About 150 people took part in the community cricket day, which was won by the Trimble-James team for the second year in a row.

They scored 146 runs to surpass the tally of 104 amassed by the Savins-Taylor team.

Among those on the Savins-Taylor team was Blake Taylor, the grandson of Charlie Taylor, who was the original secretary of the Nashua cricket club.

According to Jacinta Lithgow, one of the organisers of the event, sport proved to be the perfect conduit for bringing the community together for the day.

“We came together for a game of cricket but we also came together for something much bigger,” she said.

“Sport is just the perfect vehicle for the community to get together.”

A cricket bat signed by Dean Jones and Allan Border was the raffle prize on the day.

Money raised from the event will be go towards making a DVD celebrating the history of Nashua.

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