DASHCAM CRASH: How not to change lanes on Range

A CAR ascending the Toowoomba Range was involved in a crash because of an 'improper' lane change, a man claims.

He posted a video online which appears to be a normal drive up the Range towards Toowoomba.

But at about the 30 seconds mark, the unexpected occurs.

A car with a dash cam rolling is driving in the right hand lane when it approaches roadworks.

A utility in the left hand lane overtakes and suddenly attempts to merge into the right hand lane.

The car filming beeps at the ute for a few seconds but a collision occurs.

The ute was spun around more than 90 degrees by the crash.

"Well done," a voice is heard to say.

Driver films an impromptu lane change on the ascent of the Toowoomba Range.
Driver films an impromptu lane change on the ascent of the Toowoomba Range.

Two men exchange details.

The video was posted by Gary Young who wrote "a**hat can't lane change."

The Queensland Government states drivers must give way to any vehicle in the lane they are moving into.

This rule applies even if your lane is ending and you have to cross a lane line.

"On roads where there are lanes marked on the road-if your lane comes to an end, you must give way to traffic already in the lane you are moving to," the Queensland Government's states.

"On roads where there are no lanes marked on the road-when lines of traffic merge, you must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of you."

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