Win a double pass to see Proxy in Byron Bay, details below.
Win a double pass to see Proxy in Byron Bay, details below. Contributed

A dark and sinister Q&A with Proxy

With respect coming from Justice, Soulwax and Erol Alkan, Russian DJ Proxy is sitting in good company.  Before heading to Byron Bay, he answers some questions

Crushing cities seems to be one of your favourite past times - Byron Bay is the first one you'll crush on your Australian tour - should we be scared, excited or a mix of both?

Ha ha! Well I hope to musically crush it. Nothing more. I think excitement is the word. Although some of my noises can be pretty sinister, there is a party edge throughout. I like to put everything into my shows so I really look forward to playing to the Australian crowds.

For those not familiar with Proxy, how would you best describe yourself and your music?

The soundtrack to the apocalypse is how people seem to be saying it. It's dark and sinister, but has hope in it I think. I don't like to pigeon hole my sound. That's for other people to do.

Your main influence is The Prodigy - is there a particular song of theirs that changed your life?

There is not one song as such. Although, I really like their sounds on the Music For The Jilted Generation album. It's such a great album.

How do you think that influence has shaped your sound?

I saw them years ago in Red Square. They were unbelievable. It made me want to make music. But there were many others too. It's just at the time not many people would come to Russia and play such a defining and inspiring gig. It definitely made me save up my money to buy the equipment to make what I make and learn how to do it.

Music From The Eastblock Jungles Pt. 1 came out in November - have you had a good response?

Its been a long time coming and the response has been great. Some of the records have been written for a while so its just great to get out there and get the music played and available. Part 2 comes out in February and is a double cd of both parts. Its quite a big collection so I'm happy to get them all out together.

There are a lot sounds on the album that might be considered spooky (particularly on Raja Ganja and Abyss) - are you influenced by horror movie scores at all?

Some horror films and some computer games etc. Where I am from is cold and dark and some people would say sinister. I guess I just put all my influences and experiences into my music. Also its fun to write and experiment with different emotions.

There's an eastern vibe on 8000 - do you tend to listen to music from all over the world? Where did that influence come from?

It's just good to get influences from all over the place. Some of my music has traditional Russian arrangements in it that I really mess around with. It's a big world and good to try different things on a record.

You've said your live set is a big part of the experience (because shitty speakers don't do your music justice) - can we expect the full Proxy sound experience on your Australian tour?

You can certainly expect me playing my music live for sure. I cant wait to play my music on this tour on some quality soundsystems. I am working up to the full visual show too but that will be ready in time for the next tour. This first tour is just getting the music out there and rocking some great parties. The Australian crowd are always superb so can't wait.

Proxy plays LaLa Land, Byron Bay Friday night. Tickets $20 presale. To win a double pass email your name, adress and contact details to

 Not convinced? Check out his Soundcloud.

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