Dappled Cities back in Australia

THE last time Dappled Cities played in Australia, the Sydney quintet wore full-body gold suits that were a little too tight.

It was at the Laneway Festival and a few eyebrows were raised.

But it’s unlikely you’ll see them in those body-huggers again on their current ‘Winter’ tour.

It’s just too darned cold!

This jaunt around Australia comes fresh on the heels of a world tour where the alt-rock band built up the frequent flyer miles with gigs on stages large (massive festivals) and small (tiny pubs) in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

“We played in a comedy club. It was a joke. Like that one?” jests bassist Alex Moore.

“Me too.”

All Dappled Cities’ hard work obviously has paid off. They’ve signed to US label Dangerbird Records and now have a number of US tours under their belts, including three visits to the indie mecca of the South by South West Festival in Austin, Texas.

But it is the UK the band wants to crack.

“I think England feels a lot more accepting in terms of trying to crack it,” explains guitarist/vocalist Tim Derricourt.

“America is very tough. You’ve got to have a lot of money behind you and a fair bit of luck. I feel that in the UK, it might be a quicker thing. Well, hopefully it is.”

Despite being busy touring to promote their third – and latest – album Zounds, the band still managed to stop in LA to record some demos, and they plan to head back to the recording studio after touring finishes in August.

Hopefully it goes better than the recording for Zounds did, which wasn’t exactly easy, according to Derricourt.

“We wanted to make an album that was very different in each part – different drum sounds, different guitar sounds, nothing really sounding the same,” Derricourt says.

“When you do something like that, it makes for a pretty chaotic recording process.”

Zounds has a sprawling, majestic sound that ranges from psychedelic to synth pop, but tied together by a narrative flow that’s almost cinematic.

The album received two AIR nominations and an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Release.
Derricourt is happy with the result.

“I think we did a pretty accurate job with this one – it starts in a sort of underground, cavernous lair and ends up on the western plains at sunset,” he says.

It’s these kinds of extravagances that help Dappled Cities make a name for themselves live, Derricourt says.

“People have always come up to us and said ‘I like the album, but it sounds better live’. So we try to replicate that live sound everybody likes on the next album, and then we get the same reaction.

“We always just seem to be bettering ourselves live in this endless cycle.”

So what if the audiences demand an encore of the full-body gold suits?

Forget it, Dappled Cities has moved on.

“I think we’ve got a laser show, with real lasers,” Derricourt laughs. “For some reason everyone’s just become obsessed with lasers.”

Dappled Cities play material from all three albums and sample new songs at The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, tomorrow night.

Doors open 9pm, and it’s free.

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