Brett Peter Cowan. Image: Seven News
Brett Peter Cowan. Image: Seven News Channel 7

Daniel's killer facing week in hospital after attack

AN investigation has been launched into how Daniel Morcombe's killer was able to be attacked in a Queensland prison on Friday morning.

The attack on Brett Peter Cowan, which has been lauded on social media, occurred at the Wolston Correctional Centre earlier today.

The Courier-Mail reported the inmate poured the bucket of scalding water over Cowan's head, causing bad burns to his head, chest and back.

He's expected to remain at the Princess Alexandra Hospital for about a week.

Seven is reporting that his attacker has this afternoon been taken to hospital.

Queensland Corrective Services confirmed another prisoner being taken to hospital.

"QCS can confirm that a male prisoner from Wolston Correctional Centre has been transported to hospital following an incident this afternoon.

"The man was conveyed by Queensland Ambulance Service after informing correctional officers of an injury. It appears there are no suspicious circumstances as to how he sustained the injury."

Earlier, QCS would not confirm the identity of Cowan for privacy reasons but confirmed an attack.

"About 9.15am, correctional officers discovered that the 46-year-old male prisoner was injured and immediately contacted the Queensland Ambulance Service,'' a Queensland Corrective Services spokesperson said. 

"The prisoner was conscious and lucid and was conveyed to a Brisbane Hospital for treatment."

 A decision was later made to transfer him to the Princess Alexandra Hospital, which has a secure unit for prison inmates.

Authorities confirmed another prisoner was being interviewed in relation to the attack.

"The matter is being investigated by the Queensland Police Service's Corrective Services Investigation Unit and the QCS's Office of the Chief Inspector.

News Corp reports Cowan was moved from a protective cell in the prison earlier this year, and shifted into a more general unit.

Cowan's lawyer, Tim Meehan, from Bosscher Lawyers, said it was not for others to punish him further.

"I understand that there's an awful lot of ill feeling towards him but vigilante justice is something that has never been condoned by the courts," he told the Courier-Mail.

"He is in jail as punishment for his crime and it's not for others who are in jail - serving punishment for their crimes - to serve out summary justice.

"It's disappointing that the prison saw fit to move him from his protective cell, given the fact that there have been wide ranging calls to take swift and severe action against Brett by all sorts of people."

It's not the first time other prisoners have considered Cowan a target.

Convicted child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway - once considered a suspect in Daniel's murder - once allegedly threatened to "get" Cowan, throw boiling water onto guards and attack any paramedics who came to his aid.



Cowan is serving a life sentence over the death of Daniel Morcombe.

Earlier in the year Cowan's application for special leave to appeal his murder conviction over Daniel Morcombe's death was rejected by the high court. 

The court ruled Cowan's confession, which police secretly taped, had not been because of threats made during the coronial inquest into Daniel's death.

Cowan was arrested and charged in August 2011, eight years after Daniel's disappearance in 2003.

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