Daniel Morcombe murder trial jury has reached a verdict

BREAKING: The jury in the Daniel Morcombe case has reached a verdict after more than seven and half hours of deliberations.

The Brisbane Supreme Court is being reconvened and the verdict is expected to be announced shortly.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe and the Crown prosecutor have filed back into the courtroom to hear the judgment.

More to come

NO ONE can predict how long a Supreme Court jury will take to decide the fate of the man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe.

The six men and women tasked with that duty retired at 12.13pm yesterday.

They went home at 4.30pm and will resume considering whether Brett Peter Cowan is guilty at 9.30am today.

Mr Cowan has pleaded not guilty to murder, indecently treating a child and interfering with a corpse on December 7, 2003.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson asked the three reserve jur-ors to step aside before deliberations began.

She spent four hours on Tuesday and yesterday summing up the case before releasing the jury.

Today will be the 19th day of the trial, which has involved testimony from 116 witnesses and the tendering of 218 exhibits.

Judge Atkinson, who used a powerpoint slide presentation to summarise the case, told the jurors Mr Cowan could have formed an intention to kill Daniel Morcombe in a matter of seconds.

She said that to convict him the jury had to find Mr Cowan intended to cause Daniel's death, foresaw Daniel's death as a possible consequence of choking him, or that an ordinary person would have foreseen that consequence.

Alternatively, the jury could find him guilty if he caused the death while he was committing another offence, in this case indecently dealing with Daniel.

To do all of the above, the jury first must decide whether they believe the confessions Mr Cowan made to undercover police was true.

Police created the illusion of a powerful Australia-wide crime gang to elicit a confession while Mr Cowan was living in Western Australia.

Mr Cowan's defence team says he was forced to make up a story or he would be kicked out of the fake gang, which was going to net him a $100,000 windfall from a "big job".

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