Driving menace to be back on road

A NIMBIN High School student, who ‘menaced’ a school bus driver with his small Daewoo car while showing off to girls on the bus, has had his three-year licence disqualification cut.

Daniel Lorraway, 20, had previously pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court to one count of menacing driving, and received the lengthy disqualification from magistrate Michael Dakin.

In Lorraway’s Severity Appeal before Judge James Black, defence barrister Paul Smart argued the disqualification period was excessive, although he acknowledged his client’s driving had been stupid.

“Mr Lorraway intends to educate himself out of the Nimbin syndrome and needs to have his licence disqualification reduced from the three years,” Mr Smart said.

“A couple of female friends were at the rear of the bus. It was a bit of a showing-off procedure and thankfully there was no collision.”

Police facts state the bus driver Gordon Ellis was driving along the Murwillumbah – Kyogle Road at 4.30pm when his bus was ‘menaced’ along a 10km stretch of the road by Lorraway driving a blue Daewoo sedan.

He watched Lorraway’s driving antics in a rear vision mirror and later complained to police about a number of incidents including the car being driven along the grass verge before travelling sideways across the middle of the road.

The car had narrowly missed a white traffic post and an oncoming vehicle. Passengers in the Daewoo threw a rolled-up newspaper at Mr Ellis striking him in the head knocking his glasses off.

In another instance both doors of the Daewoo were open with the car ‘continually weaving from side to side’ on the road.

Judge Black said while the student had been ‘hooning’ and his driving was ‘irresponsible’, he found that an 18-month disqualification was adequate punishment and he would vary the magistrate’s penalty.

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