Daevid Allen’s University of Errors review

IN AN age where pop stars like Guy Sebastian top the charts and youthful pretty-boys like Justin Bieber play to sell-out crowds, contemporary youths could be forgiven for forgetting what real rock stars look like.

Daevid Allen’s University of Errors impressed all who attended their Lismore Unibar gig last week.

Formed in 1998, the San Francisco-based rock outfit is finally making its first Australian tour. Habitual band members Daevid Allen, Josh Pollock and Michael Clare were all present, and were joined by Allen’s son Orlando Monday replacing drummer Warren Huegel.

Folks, these guys are the real deal: good old-fashioned rock stars playing good old-fashioned dirty rock ‘n’ roll the way your dad remembers it.

Imagine Jimi Hendrix meets The Rolling Stones or The Doors via a ‘60s-style psychedelic drug trip. Hendrix himself even loved Soft Machine, Daevid Allen’s earlier band!

University of Errors’ Unibar performance matches the peculiar above description in the most complimentary way possible. When confronted with the comparison post-show, bassist Michael Clare admitted he did “try to channel Bill Wyman a bit”.

Humbled, Clare even gifted a CD to my friend, who was celebrating his 21st birthday.

Allen’s band thrashed guitars like it was the ‘80s; their lyrics could barely be heard above the incredible music volume, and Allen pranced around the stage with panache that would impress Angus Young. Every note challenged audience members to not bob up and down. The crowd lapped it up.

From afar, University of Errors may look like a band of old men past their prime who are clinging to their golden years. But age, as they say, brings wisdom: these guys truly understand rock ‘n’ roll.

Byron Bay habitué Allen is 73, but still retains sex appeal: girls chanted for him to remove his belt towards the show’s end.

By the end, the bar staff were the only ones not dancing, and the crowd chanted for an encore in unison.

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