Jai was a brave 'peace-maker'

THE tragic death of 15-year-old Jai Drummond Morcom is one that will affect this community for a long time to come.

It is every mother's worst nightmare to lose a child, especially when the circumstances are senseless and violent.

There are many mothers in our region today worried about the safety of their children as they send them off to school.

Many are asking how this could have happened so openly in a school playground and why wasn't it stopped.

The answers are not clear-cut and they are still being unravelled by the authorities.

But in the wake of this terrible loss the students, teachers, parents and Jai's family somehow will have to find a way to come to terms with what has unfolded.

Finding a bit of peace is not going to be easy for anyone in the short term.

But Jai's father, Steve Drummond, is to be commended for talking to the students yesterday as they marshalled to stage a protest rally against the school principal.

He found incredible courage at such a difficult time in his life to ask them to stop the protest and to spend their energy paying their respects to his son.

He wanted to avoid more fights, violence and anger and to encourage the students to focus on peace. It was an inspirational action from a man who must be filled with such grief and sadness right now.

Mr Drummond is certainly someone parents and young people should be seeing as a role model in their community today.

We at The Northern Star wish to offer our condolences to Mr Drummond, mum Kim Morcom and their family for their loss.


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