Tyler Mary Faulkner survived three days of brutal torture that left her with broken bones, burns and cuts.
Tyler Mary Faulkner survived three days of brutal torture that left her with broken bones, burns and cuts.

Dad's fury at ice addict who let daughter be 'tortured'

THE furious father of a southeast Queensland teenager abducted, tortured and held prisoner for three days has expressed his outrage at the "lenient" sentence handed to one of the men responsible for the crime.

Osman Kunduraci - a meth-addicted drug courier - was sentenced to just nine months for the role he played in the attack on 19-year-old Brisbane woman Tyler Mary Faulkner.

He faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, pleading guilty to one charge of deprivation of liberty, two of assault as well as obstructing police and multiple drug possession and related offences.

High on ice and sleep-deprived, 38-year-old Kunduraci went with a male and female associate to the home of Ms Faulkner in October 2017 where they accused her of stealing a car, the court heard.

The offenders threatened Ms Faulkner before forcing her into their vehicle and ferrying her to a property at Waterford West.

The court heard the Waterford West home belonged to a 40-year-old woman and that she was the alleged ring-leader of the attack.

This woman allegedly repeatedly punched Ms Faulkner in the face and pulled her hair. She also threatened to kill the victim while kicking her around the body.

The other man and woman are also accused of taking part in the assaults while Kunduraci watched, refusing to help the victim and leaving the home a short time later without raising the alarm.

Despite a "sense of unease" about what was happening to Ms Faulkner, Kunduraci did not tell anyone for almost three days about Ms Faulkner and the danger she was in.

Kunduraci only contacted police after a friend of Ms Faulkner asked him if he had seen the victim.

The court heard his decision to go to the police meant officers were able to rescue the teenager and without his admissions this rescue would have been delayed as they did not know where she was.

Justice Peter Davis noted Kunduraci's "limited" involvement in the attack on Ms Faulkner but said his actions as a bystander were "still quite serious".

"Even though you were involved and even though it is a very serious offence, the point is you still took steps to have the young lady rescued," he said.

Justice Davis said Kunduraci spent his time on remand at risk of reprisals for dobbing in his mates.

The former Melbourne resident's lengthy criminal history included acts of violence against women and drug use spanning Queensland and Victoria.

Kunduraci was also sentenced for having more than 123 grams of methamphetamine, 22.7 grams of heroin, $5200 in cash and obstructing police - none of which was related to the deprivation of liberty or assaults.

The court heard he was couriering the drugs for another offender to pay off a drug debt.

For the drug offences, Kunduraci received 5.9 years in jail and a further nine months was added for the deprivation of liberty and assaults.

He will be eligible for parole after serving 21 months, meaning he will be able to leave jail in March as he has spent 14 months on remand.

Ms Faulkner's father Brad told NewsRegional he was extremely disappointed by the sentence.

"I am still going to have problems long after March 2020 caring for my daughter," Mr Faulkner said.

"The sentence is too lenient - he only got served nine months for kidnapping my daughter and watching her be assaulted."

Kunduraci's male co-offender to the attacks on Ms Faulkner pleaded guilty to kidnap and deprivation of liberty and was sentenced to six years in jail.

The female co-accused are yet to have their cases finalised in the courts. - NewsRegional

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