Ben Fogle in a scene from the TV series Lonely Planet's Year of Adventures.
Ben Fogle in a scene from the TV series Lonely Planet's Year of Adventures. Contributed- BBC Knowledge

Cutting-edge travel for Ben

BRITISH adventure traveller Ben Fogle took on the mammoth task of turning the travel brand's popular Year of Adventures guidebook, which features more than 250 experiences in 115 countries, into a TV series.

The epic, global adventure sees Fogle try extreme sports like skydiving and compete in events such as the Anaconda Adventure Race in South Australia.

It required him to stay in peak physical shape.

"While I have fitness I often don't have the technical expertise," Fogle said.

"That's the whole point of this series.

"I' m not a winner.

"It's about having a go and seeing it through to the end.

"If you put your mind to it and look after yourself, you really can have a go at any of these things."

Fogle's other Australian adventures included driving in the Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash, a two-day off road rally in Western Australia and training for his first solo skydive in Busselton.

"All of the challenges in Australia were really testing, but having seen the series I think they're some of the most visual," he said.

"The brilliant thing about this series for me was meeting amazing people along the way.

"Everywhere I went I teamed up with locals for them to give me a little bit of training."

But he understands that for some viewers, the show will be their form of "armchair adventuring".

"I like to think for many people, they'll watch this and say 'I couldn't think of anything worse', like my mother for example," he said.

"But I know she'll sit down and be quite entertained."

In this week's endurance-themed episode, Fogle uses the Three Peaks Alpine running race in Italy and the sport of coasteering on the Welsh coast to prepare for the 24-hour Moab mountain biking race.

It's a world-class course and Ben finds it as scenic as he does challenging as he and team-mate Bernie cycle through the night relay-style to reach the finish line.

Lonely Planet's Year of Adventures - BBC Knowledge - Wednesday at 6.30pm

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