Critics Silenced

As a constituent of the NSW Seat of Lismore I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Member for Lismore, Thomas George for keeping his election promise, by announcing the purchase of PEL 445 on Monday. This indeed demonstrates the MP’s commitment to his constituency by removing a petroleum license that covered an excess of 565,000 hectares or nearly 39% of his electorate. This adds to the record of 17 license purchased through the advocacy of the Nationals compared to zilch or nothing from Labor.

In defence of his critics, particularly former defeated candidate for the Greens, Adam Guise and Member for Ballina, Tamara Smith, commercial negotiations with major corporations take a considerable amount of time and deliberation, especially when the remuneration is derived from tax payer funding but I guess neither one of you will be considered relevant enough to partake in government negotiation or funding allocation for that matter.

Tamara, Thomas George has a long list of major achievements for his electorate including PEL 445 purchased, continual upgrades to roads and bridges and the essential 180 mil to complete the Lismore Base Hospital, funding that is so crucial to the health needs of his constituents. My question to you Tamara is; what will your funding achievements be for Ballina seeing you’re only an unnoticed whisper in parliament?

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