Cricket rivalry hit for six

THE Trimble and Savins clans gathered again yesterday to 'do battle' at their now annual Nashua Community Cricket Day on Johnston's Pitch - a 102-year-old cricket pitch in the Trimble's front paddock.

Geoff Gaggin, of the Trimble clan by marriage, reported that the Savins won the toss and batted for a mighty 152, which the Trimbles chased hard, scoring 138 and falling short by just 14 runs.

Whether they fell short on the field, or in the scorer's book, is open to contention, but none were too concerned after the match.

Nonetheless, the Savins' finally got their name on the trophy, denying the undefeated Trimbles a hat-trick.

Ray Savins, the 77-year-young Savins patriarch, showed he'd lost none of his guile, leading the family with a fine captain's knock and bringing up a brisk dozen before losing his wicket.

He even snared himself a wicket in front of eight of his old schoolmates who had turned up to watch.

Ken Trimble had passed the captaincy to son Paul, declaring himself 'too old for all this business'.

“I'm approaching eighty, 'nough said. I'm happy to be part of the crowd,” he said.

Game rules dictated all batsmen and women had to retire at 15.

Michael Lees, also of the Savins clan, top-scored with 20, pulling a six out of the hat while on 14.

No one scored the $20 cash prize for hitting the power pole at backward point, though young left-handed Steven Trimble put a lofty one over the electrical wires near it.

Johnston's Pitch was built in 1907 by Pauline Trimble's father and was used to host the regular matches between the locals.

Farmers arrived by train at the nearby Nashua station and games were scheduled around milking times. Unlike today, slashing was left to the livestock - the cow pats adding an extra dimension to the outfield.

The official club formed in 1907 and played through to the seventies, when the 'oval' was abandoned - only to be revived in its centenary year - 2007.

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