IN STEP: The Cassettes and Mixtape Crew work some 1980s riffs on air guitar.
IN STEP: The Cassettes and Mixtape Crew work some 1980s riffs on air guitar.

Crews get physical with 80s

BRIGHT-coloured tights, leotards, and a revolving soundtrack of 1980s beats?

It's the calling card of The Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew, a local dance group who are continuing to rise in popularity.

The dance group performs at private parties, music festivals, shows and can be hired for special events. Just recently the awesome and exciting dancing clans were spotted performing a flash mob with a would-be groom and his friends as part of a wedding proposal at Oceans Shores.

Of course, after all the dancing and entertainment, the bride-to-be said yes.

It was a wonderful thing to be part of, artistic director of the Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew, Marissa Treichel said.

"She (the bride-to-be) was very excited, it was very beautiful," she said.

The Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew have been in production for 12 months, performing as two different troupes of 15 dancers each - some as The Cassettes, and others as the Mixtape Crew.

"It's structured as a dance school with a lot of awesome differences," Ms Treichel said.

Most of those differences revolve around the performance aspects.

"I think what's most cool is that there's an even mix between experienced dancers and beginners - I think that makes it really appealing."

They've been standout performers at local festivals such as Splendour in the Grass 2014, and are now looking forward to continuing their fun performances at other local music festivals.

"We actually had some people from Sydney say we were the highlight of Splendor," Ms Treichel said.

In the next couple of months the Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew be performing at Mullum Music Festival and at Falls Festival.

The Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew came about in a very innocent way, Ms Treichel explained.

"I just put together a piece for a friend's party and it was just so well received I thought 'I might keep doing this,'" she said.

The best part about The Cassettes and the Mixtape Crew, she said, was that the group was part of a larger cultural phenomenon, bringing back the 80s.

The popularity of their project, she said, could be attributed to the fact that it's just so much fun.

"It's fun, but the choreography is also quite complex," she said - enough to keep people both entertained and intrigued.

"The number of dances and the relatively complex choreography matched with fun is a good combination."

The fascination with the 80s is an easy one to pick, Ms Treichel said: "The songs are incredible, they're familiar to the audience - it's very fun and accessible."

"I love it because I'm a bit of a crazy creative, and I'm also a very organised person."

Ms Treichel loves creating new routines, and thinking up costume ideas, she said.

"I love listening to songs and breaking it down," she said.

Then there's the social bonuses.

"I think I just really love the dancers," she laughed.

"It's a really interesting group of people, and we all get along."

There's been a lot of team building exercises happening, she said, and efforts to make sure they are creating a good environment.

A new aspect of their project is a new, public class that one of Ms Treichel's students created called Pil80s - a cross between 80s aerobics and pilates, it's a great workout for your core.

Ms Treichel also revealed they're keen to get beginners dance classes started.

Currently they're looking for an experienced dancer to join their clan which rehearses every Wednesday. Anyone who believes they may fit the role can contact Marissa on 0468 389 244.

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