MR FOOTBALL: SBS sports broadcaster Craig Foster is returning home to shoot a promotional video in Lismore.
MR FOOTBALL: SBS sports broadcaster Craig Foster is returning home to shoot a promotional video in Lismore. CONTRIBUTED

Football legend home to promote Lismore

FOOTBALL icon and sports TV commentator Craig Foster will be visiting Lismore later this month to record a video to support the Lismore Prospectus 2018 and to be part of a six-a-side friendly football game at The Lismore Quadrangle.

Foster, 48, is a former Australian association football player, and is a sports commentator for SBS Australia.

Foster, who grew up in Lismore and still has strong ties to the city, has asked Lismore City Council to donate his fee to local football schools.

The first part of Foster's visit will be to film a video praising the advantages for people and companies to live, do business and enjoy life in the area, which will accompany the Prospectus 2018.

Lismore City Council consultant Stephen Nelson said the Prospectus is a digital and print document used by council and other community representatives.

"This second Prospectus will touch on topics such as the benefits of living in Lismore, and Craig has kindly agreed to star on a video that will accompany the Prospectus," he said.

After filming is done, Foster will travel from SCU to The Quadrangle to be part of a friendly soccer game, and the community is invited to attend the game for free.

Foster was already part of the first ever Lismore Prospectus in 2016 as a sports ambassador with former cricketer Adam Gilchrist.

Connected to the city

Speaking from Sydney, Craig Foster said he is looking forward to coming back to Lismore after visiting family and friends last Christmas.

"I am coming to participate in the filming of the 2018 Prospectus, which is about the natural gifts, social and business advantages of working, investing and living in Lismore," he said.

"I'll do some filming in various locations across Lismore, then we'll go to the SCU Football Centre, and then afterwards we'll have a fun game of football."

Foster confirmed he is still very much connected to the city.

"My parents still live in the same house where we grew up in Clifford Street, my friends are still there, in fact I'm coming up next month for a friend's 50th birthday.

"We are coming up with my brothers as much as we can," he explained.

The football icon said in recent years he has been involved in organising pre-season cup games coming to Oakes Oval.

"I look for any opportunity to get home, to see my mother and father," he said.

Foster said his intention is to inspire a young Lismore player to develop a sport career.

"When I was a kid that's the kind of thing I would apply for, to meet a professional who had played for Australia," he said.

"(I would like) to be able to inspire some of the kids, hopefully I could get a chance to chat to some of the most talented ones and their parents, and try to support them."

  • The Craig Foster AllStars vs the Lismore BraveHearts will play at The Quadrangle, 110 Magellan St, Lismore, on Monday, February 19, from 6pm.

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