Court system lets us down: police

POLICE are outraged a teenager accused of committing a string of violent home invasions and robberies in Casino recently has been let out on bail only to allegedly re-offend.

On October 1 and 2, a 15-year-old boy and four other teenagers allegedly committed a string of home invasions - one involving a samurai sword - in Casino.

At an Acacia Ave residence, police allege the 15-year-old boy threw a chair at the 82-year-old male homeowner before assaulting him.

The boy was arrested and appeared before Lismore Children's Court where Magistrate Linden - with "some hesitation" - granted him bail, partly because of his blemish-free history.

At the time, the magistrate said the teenager's overnight stay in custody would have been a "very sobering experience" and his lack of understanding about what had happened was "quite alarming".

On Tuesday, while on bail for these violent offences, the juvenile is accused of attacking a 17-year-old and robbing him of his mobile phone in daylight at McAuliffe Park in Casino.

In Casino Children's Court yesterday the youth, charged with robbery in company, was again granted bail on conditions almost identical to the bail he was already on.

A police officer told The Northern Star cops were fed up with "the lack of support from the judicial system".

"Some police are at the point where they are thinking 'why do we bother?'," the officer said.

Police Association of NSW Northern Region executive member Tony King said the community expected sentences that reflected the severity of the offence.

"This is not only exasperating for police, it undermines community confidence in the justice system and adds to the emotional pain felt by victims of crime," he said.

The youth's arrest came hours before an action on crime meeting in Casino last night, where residents complained about court leniency to re-offenders.

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