Lucas Knudson.
Lucas Knudson. Photo supplied by the Northern Territory News

Court hands Ballina man a stiff fine

BALLINA man Lucas Knudson never expected his adventure to Darwin to work on a crocodile farm would be marred by the terrible tale of a trouser snake on the plane.

Mr Knudson, 32, appeared before a Darwin court on Monday charged with committing an indecent act on a plane during his flight from Brisbane to Darwin in April.

Mr Knudson was escorted off the plane by Australian Federal Police after a female passenger complained he had exposed himself and was masturbating underneath his tray table.

In transit back to Ballina yesterday, Mr Knudson told The Northern Star the incident had been 'blown out of all proportion'.

Mr Knudson said he was simply 'adjusting himself' and had undone his jeans button to get comfortable because his jeans were too tight.

But according to evidence presented to the court, the police officers who spoke to him when he alighted the midnight flight said his jeans were not 'overly tight'.

Mr Knudson said he felt the act had been 'totally misunderstood'.

“I'm sorry if she got upset and was offended. It was just how I relaxed on the plane and she misunderstood and thought it was the next level,” Mr Knudson said.

“Anyone who knows me knows I'm not like that.

“The case was a bit of a joke really. I never really got to say anything and the lawyers have just gone to town with it.”

Mr Knudson was fined $2500 by the Darwin magistrate, an amount his solicitor is trying to have reduced.

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