Couple make second 'UFO sighting'

A CLAIMED UFO sighting by a couple at Kyogle last week was the second unexplained case on the Northern Rivers in three months.

The incident tied in with hundreds of sightings across the globe in recent weeks.

Last Thursday, the Kyogle couple, in their 60s, were stargazing outside when an object appeared in the sky.

"At about quarter to eight they saw a huge round, orange bright light in the sky," the Independent Network of UFO Researchers co-founder Moira McGhee said.

"It had no sound, it was very steady and went from north to south over Kyogle."

The couple contacted Blue Mountains-based Ms McGhee who has researched UFOs for 40 years.

She believed their account was genuine.

Over the years Ms McGhee has heard UFO testimonies from reliable sources such as lawyers, police, judges, military people and nurses.

"They're normal, ordinary and probably very sceptical and down-to-earth people," she said.

"People from country towns are generally more genuine because they risk being ridiculed in their community if they speak up."

During another UFO sighting less than three months ago, two women in their 60s were driving into Mullumbimby when a large bright light appeared near their car.

"They did a U-turn and went back to see what it was but by the time they got back, it was gone," Ms McGhee said.

She said her organisation took such sightings very seriously and had attempted to find answers but not yet succeeded. The UFOs may have been military experiments, extra-terrestrials or possibly a reflection from a star, but she did not believe they were pranks.

"There isn't a lot of light pollution in that area, and we've ruled out pranks.

Over the years the UFO researcher has also heard testimonies from people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

"I'm not disregarding any extra-terrestrial theory, but I'm not supporting it either.

"You get some people saying extra-terrestrials are all our friends, but there is a very dark side to it; not all representatives are our friends."

Government documents just released reveal in 1983 two Australian fighter jets were put on alert after unknown objects showed up on Sydney radar. They appeared to reach speeds of 1100-6500kmh.

However, tests showed the objects were generated entirely by radar interference.

Ms McGhee claimed the most UFO-prone region in Australia was Barrington Tops, north of Newcastle.

Anyone who has seen a UFO can contact her organisation on 02 4757 3848.

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