Victoria Baker and Greg Wilkinson, of Goonellabah, outside the Lismore Courthouse after the court hearing.
Victoria Baker and Greg Wilkinson, of Goonellabah, outside the Lismore Courthouse after the court hearing. Ross Irby

Feuding neighbours in court

‘Na na na na na, I wanna start a fight’, sings Pink in her popular rock anthem and her words are apparently used to rock the peace in Goonellabah.

The American rock star unwittingly became embroiled in a heated dispute between feuding neighbours in the Lismore suburb, who have been facing off at each other from their Gibson Close verandas.

The not-so neighbourly pair faced each other again in the Lismore Local Court last week in a dispute over breaches to a court-imposed Apprehended ViolenceOrder (AVO).

Part of the complaint involved the lyrics and music of Pink, with one neighbour accusing the other of using the lyrics to threaten andintimidate her.

Michelle Bond, 35, in a hearing before Magistrate Roger Prowse, pleaded not guilty to twice contravening an AVO at 7.45am on September 24, and at 8.30am on October 18 last year, and put in place to protect her neighbour, Victoria Baker.

Ms Baker, 49, and her partner, Greg Wilkinson, accused Ms Bond of verbal intimidation that included their neighbour’s loud singing of Pink’s lyrics to the hit song, So What on her veranda early in the morning.

Cross-examined by defence law-yer Vince Boss, Ms Baker said her neighbour lived ‘one house across’, had taken photos of them on the balcony and had called her ‘a mole’ and sang the song.

“She went nah, nah, nah...,” Ms Baker said.

“Sounds like a rendition of The Beatles,” said the magistrate.

“It’s five nah’s,” added Mr Boss helpfully.

Ms Baker denied Mr Boss’s assertion that it was she who yelled across to her neighbours ‘to get a life’, or had said that she had eight hours of video of them.

She also stated that words in the lyrics were changed to ‘I’m gonna bash you,’ an allegation also denied by Ms Bond.

“It was loud enough for half of Goonellabah to hear,” Ms Baker said.

Mr Boss asked Ms Baker about an incident in which she exposed herself to his client. ’

“I lifted my top. I had my bra on,” she said.

Ms Baker also alleged her neighbour made threats about her cats.

“I have three cats. She said she was going to poison them as they were killing her rabbits,” Ms Baker said in reply to questions from the police prosecutor.

Her partner, Mr Wilkinson, said he heard Ms Bond singing ‘something along the line I’m going to kill you’, saying Ms Bond often verbally abused ‘Vicky’.

“All I ask is for her to leave us alone,” he said.

Neighbour Tracey Hagan said she was woken one morning to hear Ms Bond singing Pink’s lyrics ‘nah, nah, nah...’ loudly.

“I quite regularly hear Michelle (Bond) abusing the neighbours,” she said.

“They both like to yell at each other.”

After hearing more evidence on the second day of hearing, Mr Prowse found Ms Bond guilty of both AVO breaches, and criticised her behaviour. He placed her on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

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