Council monitors Facebook site

THE Richmond Valley Council will discuss a Facebook page which has been opened in the council's name without its authority at today's council meeting.

The page was created by Facebook with information from Wikipedia, according to the NSW Local Government and Shires' Associations.

The business paper notes that other councils have had constituents write things about them which have ‘not been favourable' on their Facebook pages.

The business paper also says that the legal position with Facebook is unclear, but the council has not sought legal advice about the matter.

Council staff is recommending the council take no action to regulate the site, called Richmond Valley Council, but to continue to monitor it from time to time.

Also on the agenda is a development application by the Riverside Village Caravan Park at Evans Head to add an additional 92 camp sites.

The applicant, Les Dickinson, had wanted to add an additional 152 sites, a second swimming pool and a tennis court.

However, the developer has since reduced the development footprint.

The site has been identified as containing core koala habitat.

If the DA is approved the Koala Plan of Management will require the developer to plant 150 koala feed trees throughout the site and a qualified person will be req-uired to monitor and maintain the trees.

The developer will be also required to design and construct a 2m-wide cycleway from the site to an existing cycleway network next to Bottlebrush Crescent.

Also on the agenda is a recommendation by council staff that the yet-to-be-built community and cultural centre be named the Richmond Manyweathers Building.

A weir on the Richmond River named after Mr Manyweathers, a former Casino Municipality mayor, was demolished last year.

The recommendation also calls for community input into the naming of the individual rooms within the cultural centre.

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