Coraki doctor plan under way

A PROJECT to help attract a new general practitioner to Coraki will be actioned as part of the next stage of the Mid-Richmond Community Planning process.

The project was one of the priorities for the Mid-Richmond which emerged from planning meetings held in March and May at Evans Head, Woodburn and Coraki.

The meetings were very helpful for finding out what each community saw as their priority needs, Catherine O'Halloran of the Mid-Richmond Neighbourhood Centre said.

"All of the communities were passionate about their own topics," Ms O'Halloran said. "Those attending prioritised these topics and will take action as a whole community."

Ms O'Halloran said while the different communities seemed to want different outcomes, the basic priorities for each were similar.

"Each community wanted children in their area to be engaged, they wanted healthy lifestyles and to be safe," she said.

"Transport was also a big priority."

Now action plans will be developed for each priority identified to translate the words of the planning meetings into actions.

For example, the project for the Coraki area to develop an incentive package to attract and recruit a doctor will list a set of tasks and identify possible "partners" to help achieve the desired result.

Action plans will also be developed for other priority projects including the development of an events co-ordinating committee for the Mid-Richmond and improved transport.

While Ms O'Halloran said the Mid-Richmond Neighbourhood Centre would guide and support the community to address their priority needs, she made it clear the success of each project was largely in the hands of the community.

To find out more, phone Catherine O'Halloran on 0417780149.



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