Coraki Art Prize's Best in Show 'Shine the Light' by Melissa Maxwell. She won $2000.
Coraki Art Prize's Best in Show 'Shine the Light' by Melissa Maxwell. She won $2000. Contributed

Coraki Art Prize shines with record entries

THERE is plenty of activity that goes on behind the Coraki Art Prize.

Aside from all the usual administration and grunt work (like hanging all the entries), there is the judging.

This year the prize has gathered some very eminent judges from the art world, invited to use their expertise to award some very special prizes.

Sharon Walker, a founder of the Coraki Art Prize in the mid-1990s, was judging the youth art when the Express Examiner visited last week.

"I am looking for originality, composition, colur, the use of technical skills and also that they have been having fun,” she said as she walked among the numerous art pieces in one room of the new Coraki HealthOne building.

Mark De Jong, a Melbourne-based artist now living in Evans Head had the unenviable role of deciding the best drawings and paintings.

"Paintings are a language,” he said.

"They pre-date verbal language.”

Sandra Taylor, a ceramicist whose works have been bought by Michael Parkinson and Sir Elton John, judged the scupltures.

" I don't go on anything in particular,” she said.

"I am looking for something to hit me, to touch me, it's a very intuitive approach.”

Professional photographer Mike Davis, who has won a swag of photography awards, said presentation of photos was as important as the photo itself.

"The camera captures a moment in time, showing something. It's like a time machine,” he said.

"As a framer I can also say that presentation is very important too.”

Organisers George and Melva Thompson were pleased with the number of works submitted for the prize.

"We've never had to call a stop on entries before,” Mr Thompson said.

"This year is the most popular the prize has even been.

"We'd like to thank Northern NSW Local Health District for inviting us to hold the show in the new health centre.”


Best in Show ($2000) - Melissa Maxwell, 'Shine The Light'


1st Prize - Jospeh Belford, 'View from Home'

2nd Prize - Alvina Kapeen, 'Goanna Headlands'

3rd Prize - Dellene Strong, 'Whitewater at Boulder's Beach'

Works On Paper:

1st Prize - Leanne Rose, 'Flower'

2nd Prize - Fiona Nicholls, 'Coastal Journey'

3rd Prize - Paul Hobson, 'Practical Gecko'


1st Prize - Fiona Nicholls, 'Reef Play'

2nd Prize - Rudiger Wasser, 'Meeting Point'


1st Prize - Susan Jacobsen, Parched Nimbin Rocks'

2nd Prize - Miriam Soloman, 'Breakfast Tray'

Youth Art 12 and Under:

1sr Prize - Phoenix Allan, 'Dog'

2nd Prize - Algeria Brown, 'The Lighthouse'

Youth Art 13-18:

1st Prize - Ella Spackman, 'Inconsolable'

2nd Prize - Ursula Schneider, 'Native'

Encouragement Award - Alana Eller, 'Self-Image - How do you see yourself'

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